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Emisoft Update Server Working OK?


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Was there a problem with the update server betwewen 4:00-7:00 AM this morning?


Will EMIS update during a scan? Was running a full scan when I went to bed. Up early at 6:00 AM and noticed there had not been an update in over two hours, I then made several attempts to update manually and received  a "could not connect to the update server" response." Eventually I was able to update.


If there are no updates available at a time will EMIS report back that it was not able to connect to the server?


When I closed the Protection Center GUI I got another of thos warnings that The Protection Center had Stopped with the option to close the program. This has happened several times before and as requested I emailed a crash dump for one of them. I had always assumed this was a false alarm triggered by a bug, but this time because of the update issue I wanted to restart my PC. During the shutdown I received one of those pages that siad "a program was restarting do you want to shut-down anyways?" I assume this program was the EMIS security center or security. When the security center stops working does the proterction also stop working? I had assumed it didn't.


I'll send the crash dump reports to FW.

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