Process "balancing" utilities that lower a2guard priority temporarily

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I have been using a "load balancing" utility for a very long time named Process Lasso. Basiically it claims to increase system responsiveness by temporarily restraing (lowering priority) of a process if it determines it is slowing a higher priority process or the opening of a program or something like that. Ity has established a respected reputation over the years as has its developer Bitsum Technologies. It consistently receives five star reviews on respected program review sites. Many popular multi-funtion system utilities have copy- catted their own version of this process balancing into their programs, e.g., System Mechanic, Tubeu Up Utilities, Ausilogogic Speed Boost.


Process Lasso keeps a log of it's activities. I have noticed that on several occasions it as retsrained a2guard (lowered it's priority). I wasn't smart enough to check what else was going on when this happened, but I suspect it was when a program was opened.


Is this dangerous?


Because I don't want anything to interfere with the excellent protection capabilities of EMIS, as a precaution I have uninstalled Process Lasso after having used it for a decade.


(It has other excellent functions such as an excellent task manager that is able to close stuck programs that nothing else seems able to close. You can turn off the balancing fdunction wich is referred to as it's "core".)

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Off topic....


Given the speed and power of modern multicore processors I don't understand why you would need to use something like Process Lasso. Does it make a visible difference to the running of the machine?




On topic...


I would hazard a guess that because the (any) security software runs in real time scanning hard drive accesses, reading RAM etc then anything that attempts to throttle the service will ultimately slow the machine down.

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Thank you both for your replies.


Richard: To be perfectly honest I have no Idea of its actuall effect of it on my system but I really like it's Task Manager Function. But as I mentioned that function can remain fully functional without the "core" process governor loaded. It's perhaps a habit to use it since I have been using it for such a long time and the license is a lifetime license.


From the comments it sounds as though the core function may be doing the opposite of what it is intended to do.


Whatever, whether or not it's loaded EMIS has no noticeable effect on the speed of my PC or web browing.

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