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Mailwasher Pro - Socket Error 10022: An invalid argument was supplied

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I have installed a trial version of latest Emsisoft Internet Security. When launching Mailwasher Pro

(Firetrust), there is an "Alert" in its logfile. There are no further issues, as far as I can see. Things seem to be working properly, as before. However, each time when Mailwasher is checking for new mail, it is showing this flashing 'Alert'-tab.


Looking at the error it reads as follows:




Description: An unknown error has occurred. MailWasher is unable to
determine the cause of this error.

<EVENT><NAME>MWPEXCEPTION</NAME><ID>8e76e58d78734736d331991937157c49</ID><DT>2014-11-11  07:24:47

</DT><MWPEXCEPTION><UID>Exception  3bd82bb836965161ba18e8572569f4e7



</SOURCE><MESSAGE>SocketException  - Socket::Destroy() - shutdown() failed with code 10022: An invalid argument was supplied.





This is new since installing EIS.


I am using EIS using its default settings.


System: Windows 7 x64




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1. Protection-Application Rules: have added Mailwasher Pro.exe there (all allowed/all allowed, firewall in/out)

2. Protection-File Guard: have whitelisted all folders containing Mailwasher (Firetrust) stuff there and also additionally the Mailwasher.exe-file.


Error still continues to exist.

My guess is that this is caused: whilst using Norton - there was no problem.




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I'd prefer not, to be honest.

The error is new to me, whilst using two  Internet Security suites, there were no issues.


The program that is being launched is Mailwasherpro.exe







I am also in contact with Mailwasher developer as I can see the a 1-line error that is logged in the log file of 1 email account (out of 3)

in backups of previous logfiles there were no errors.


waiting for their feedback.

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Am not enirely sure what has been changed in the Firewall, but after tagging "Enable beta updates" (Settings->Update)

I am happy to see that the error has gone.

The error: Mailwasher Pro : 'alert' in the the logfile "Socket Error 10022: An invalid argument was supplied".



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