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Beta Updates Possibbly Blocking Internet Access

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Hi :-)


I was getting frequent warnings about EMIS Overwiew Has Shut Down everytime I closed the interface after a scan and occasionally at other times. Though I always believed it to be a false warning, it did make me feel unsure and I often I would restart my PC.


I was looking at the Anti-Malware Forum where users there were reporting a similar issue. The suggestion there was to enable Beta Updates because the issue had been fixed in one of those updates. So, I of course enabled Beta Updates in EMIS. Soon thereafter, after surfing the net for several minutes my internet connection closed down. This happened several times. On a restart of my PC, which was the only way to re-open it, it was always open again.


Whether this was a mere coincidence with problems with my ISP I do not know, but because of the nature and timing of the interruptions I doubt my ISP was the cause. I have uninstalled EMIS that had been updated with the Beta Updates. Will be running another security program tonight just too see if it was my ISP and will reinstal EMIS tomorrow with no Beta Updates and put up with the warnings about the Security Overview Stopped Working warnings, which after a time do become annoying.

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Thank You Siketa for that valuable information but I got it too late.


Fresh install of EMIS w/o Beta updates already done.


I lasted about 2 hours with Norton Security but felt very unsecure with that as my protection. NS has several known issues and YouTube Video tests of it are consistently far from impressive. Also, I never before realized that it slows down every action on my PC including web surfing. (Sadly, due to a unique set of circumstances I hold a 660 day subscription to it, but after using and researching EMIS I won't use it :-) The only alternative I would consider as a temp substitue for EMIS is KIS 2015. I had used KIS for a long time but the 2015 version for some unknown reason puts my PC into snail-pace speed and Firefox is totallly useless with it and attempting to use FF freezes my PC. Probably cause KIS is usually 3 months behind in updating for new versions of FF.


I'm totally sold on EMIS :-)

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Yes Internet Access Is Fine Again but the warnings about EMIS Security Center has Stopped Working has returned after closing it on some occasions has returned and I'm paranoid enough to often do a restart when that happens :-)

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My laptop is also experiencing random internet connectivity issues.

Appears to be possibbly related to Beta Updates 4605?



What I observe:

WiFi connection dropped  - no internet connection

Rebooting laptop sometimes re-enables WiFi internet connection

Rebooting laptop sometimes result in WiFi connection still dropped and then restarting results in previously reported shut down/hang/force shut down issue.

Somtimes have to force shut down and remove/re-install battery to resolve issue.


Frequency of issue:

At random times after cold start - not able recreate


Lenovo T420 W8.1 fully updated

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Hi guys to get around the problem,i found out that you change the DNS to Google which is it works.


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Hello Chalawah,


thank you for the report. We will take a look on it. Maybe we are able to reproduce this issue.



Infact, the issues RichardBurt reports in the following links are exactly the issues I am experiencing too!





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