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Installation of AVG Free 2015 complaining that Online Armor Free is "conflicting"

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I currently have AVG Free 2014 and Online Armor free (v7.0.0.1886) installed on my Windows 7 Pro (64 bit) system.  Since I am using the free version of OA, I don't know if I can get support from the forum or not.


AVG wants to update to AVG Free 2015.  It gets to a certain point and the following box titled "Conflicting product detected" is displayed:


"We have detected a conflicting application on your computer.  The installation cannot be performed as long as this application persists on your computer.

Conflicting application: Online Armor 6.0

Please uninstall the conflicting application first before you continue with the installation."


This is a new computer.  Initially I installed AVG first then OA so the order may have resulted in not seeing a problem in the beginning.  I have used AVG for many years and I changed from ZoneAlarm to OA for this computer.  I would like to use both programs but I do not want to uninstall OA, install AVG, then install OA each time AVG has an upgrade.  I really like OA and would like to keep using it.


Does anyone have any suggestions or comments?


If I keep OA, are there other free antivirus packages that may not have issues?


Thanks for your help.





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