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Emsisoft Internet Security Blue Screens, IRQ Errors


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Recently installed EIS and it appeared to be working fine, but 3 days ago, maybe 2-3 days after installation, I got a BlueScreen of Death and minidump at random, but having just installed WaterFox browser guessed it was that, they released an update shortly after that suggested it was WaterFox as the update was to fix random crashes on some hardware, but I was still getting the blue screens


Reinstalled Windows 7 as I was getting sick of the random crashes, everything went fine for a day, and it started again. Not fun after spending a day reinstalling software and getting your system partially back to some sort of set-up


Checked all my BIOS settings and double-checked even though they hadn't been altered and no hardware had been touched. So, reinstalled Windows yet again and carefully installed Windows plus ran windows update to install essential updates and drivers only (but not installing malicious software tool or browser choice update). Installed EIS everything appeared fine, so started installing software carefully ... blue screen again after only install 2-3 pieces of software. Gave up and went to work



Uninstalled EIS on my return from work and reinstalled Emsisoft Anti-Malware and Online Armor as I still have a few days left on the license (this is the main reason why I installed EIS and also got a good discount from you on 3 for 1 as we have a desktop and 2 laptops). Since uninstalling EIS and going back to separate software on my desktop the system is back to being very stable again, with ZERO crashes/blue screens. And software installing rapidly and without any internet issues


Before I was constantly getting random blue screens and also software appeared to be taking an age to install or even access the internet at times, it appeared to seem like an issue with the anti-malware side of the software. If I turned off all protection then the system was stable again but not very helpful. Having used your products for about 3 years with an absolute minimum of problems I'm hoping it is something curable


Sorry  I have no minidumps as I have had to install Windows 7 three times in 3 days



The error I was getting all the time after the 2nd installation of Windows is :




STOP : 0x0000000A


0x0000000000000000, 0x0000000000000002, 0x0000000000000001, 0xFFFFF80002CC8C3F



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I did have VMWare Workstation 10 installed, but have yet to get around to it, but will install EIS again now I know it wasn't hardware related I can always go back to the Malware/Firewall packages if/when I get another crash



Reading through the various 'issues' with EIS, I was thinking it had something to do with the firewall side of things and enable beta updates as a normal install option anyway, as suggested by other replies to users frustrations I was having pretty much the same problems of system slow downs for no apparent reason and software that works one day suddenly throws a blue screen and crashes the system. Another day if would be something else, but on the wifes laptop she's had no issues at all. But only really uses her laptop for FaceBook or 'net browsing and not much else where I do video encoding, burn DVD's, Microsoft Word, Gaming and a multitude of other things that could throw up any error




I have noticed that EIS seems to take a lot of control away from the users, which could be a good thing as there is not as many 'pop-ups' asking to verify software running which was annoying at times previously but at least let me know exactly what was trying to run or software trying to access the 'net without asking me first and once allowed by me ran without anymore pop-ups



There was also instances of the anti-malware side of EIS not telling me software was trying to access a webpage and stopping software from installing. Such as an online serial checker when installing software that I have registered serial number for


StartMenu X was one that refused to install and stalled the install when trying to verify the registered serial number and refused to go any further, until I eventually found out that EIS was blocking access to the official website for some reason. Once I added this web address to the whitelist it installed perfectly on another try. This didn't happen with previous versions before the EIS package was released as I was aware that software was trying to access an external web address by anti-malware popping up a warning

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Something else I noticed, especially with software that calls other 3rd party software is the firewall 'learning mode' or 'system scan' that tells the firewall that pretty much everything already on your system could be considered safe. This seems to be missing from EIS, either that or its now under other option but I can't find it in the taskbar menu either when right-clicking the EIS icon that would in the past bring up a quick options menu so I could turn on 'learning mode' while installing some software that has a lot of registry requests while configuring itself



I use AVstoDVD, free software but also calls a lot of other 3rd party software that unless you use either 'learning mode' or add the folder to Armor Firewall whilelist WILL fail due to the security software considering it a risk as its calling other software after running. A good idea and did get annoying with pop-ups until the security 'learnt' what it was calling or as I found out later just add the folder to the firewall whitelist and any issues were solved


EIS didn't do any of this and automatically correctly guessed it was safe to run any related software that AVstoDVD calls, but I would prefer to be asked to start with what software is trying to call what



I have used this feature in the past to realise that 'free' software was in fact trying to silently install adware without my knowledge or even tell me it was going to install anything other that what I thought it was installing

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I have the minidump, it crashed after just a few minutes of installing EIS and running just 3 pieces of software. I had to hard reset my system and turn on the minidump optiosn as I usually turn them off along with the auto-restart after crashing. I hadn't even had chance to save the options before my system crashed and dumped the minidump without any warning or doing anything


How do I pass on the minidump to you to have a look at whats happening. I also have a file ending in sysdata.xml if that is any use to you also




I have had no choice but to uninstall EIS once again as my system really is that unstable with EIS installed (but turning all protection off via the drop down menu in the taskbar for EIS causes no issues at all but obviously isn't very helpful in that mode), I reinstalled the older Anti-Malware and Online Armor. Both were installed before I uninstalled them and reinstalled EIS to see if my system would crash again and collect the minidump, in that time my system was stable and ran everything perfectly for about 2-3 days


I ran the exact same 3 pieces of software with EIS uninstalled and they all ran perfectly


Thanks for your continuing help





I've just had a quick look using WhoCrashed and according to that its suggesting a driver fwwfp764.sys caused the crash and after doing a bit of digging via Google is suggesting this is a driver used by Emsisoft Anti-Malware. But doesn't suggest why

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Thanks for the help and advice, I'll look into the suggested MS HotFix, but before uninstalling the current separate packages and reinstalling EIS to see if it cures the instablility and BSOD's (via a restore point so I don't have to do it all manually again) is there any possibility of the reason why I get BSOD happens with EIS but the Emsisoft Anti-Malware 9.0.04570 and Online Armor packages (both with beta updates enabled) run perfectly and very stable and always have done. It's just very unstable when EIS is installed and nothing else is changed


Thanks again

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Many thanks, that makes a lot of sense which is what I assumed



Is there any possibility of releasing a private beta release that has the Online Armor firewall driver in EIS or compare the two to see why one is causing problems on some hardware but the oher does not


I really am loathe to not use the same version as installed on the wifes laptop as I have a 3 computer license for EIS but my license for the two separate packages should have now expired, so I'm current in a 30 day free trial until I'm ready to try again with EIS on my system. It is so unstable with random BSOD with EIS installed and beta updates applied




Probably setting a restore point once my system is back to roughly how it was before the BSOD and related driver issues and relucatntly doing a fresh format/install to start a clean system will be the easiest option.


Just checking Windows Update, I have everything updated, and running all the latest updates, except the malicious tool and its associated updated, so we'll see how that goes when I try it hopefully this weekend

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The Online Armor driver is completely different from the EIS driver. It's not a drop in replacement. Based on the minidump you sent in the problem is caused by one of the Microsoft drivers. Microsoft does provide a hot fix for this particular issue that you can download here:


Once you downloaded and installed the hot fix, EIS will work just fine.

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Finally got around to installing EIS after all the aggrevation I was having, and so far seems pretty stable with any instant BSOD I was getting previously


Thanks for all the help




One quick question :


When I've downloaded the main EIS setup from your web page each time I've downloaded it, its been slightly bigger than what I had previously stored on my 'Windows Install' folder where I keep the majority of things that I reinstall after a fresk format and install. I'm assuming it was minor stability fixes, but not worth increasing the version .....


No viruses, just a slightly bigger filesize each time, but the version were exactly the same when copying the files over


I've always had emsisoft anti-virus/anti-malware and firewalls installed which are set up to flag any file issues with something trying to run that shouldn't be, so know that wasn't it




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Many thanks for all your help, that would explain the slight increase but also show your not relying on users having to do huge updates when installing new software



Thanks again for solving my BSOD issues, two days now and no issue so far. Before it lasted about 5 minutes after installing EIS

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