EIS 9 firewall blocking private network server

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Running Windows 7 64 Bit

Emsisoft Internet Security

Previously had installed Emsisoft Anti-Malware with Online Armour


Just noticed in the past week that the network access to our Windows Home Server is being blocked.


  1. The Sever does not appear in Windows Explorer
  2. Entering UNC paths in Explore does not work
  3. I can ping IP address of server
  4. I cannot ping host name - (results in - "ping request could not find host")
  5. If I turn off firewall temporarily, server appears and remains accessible even after firewall is turned on again.
  6. All EIS firewall settings are at default



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The network adapters properties are all set to private network.


As I said, I believe everything in the firewall tab is set to the default.  

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Yes. I am able to reproduce by simply shutdown/restart system. How do I get debug logs?


I am able to open the logs tab, but I see no entries in the firewall log. I do notice that there have been update logs today.

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Please download the file from unpack the ZIP on your computer.

Now please run the script enable_debug_output.bat as Administrator and reboot your computer.

Now reproduce the issue. Is this done please run the script disable_debug_output.bat to disable the logging. Restart your computer again.

Now please add the folder C:\ProgramData\Emsisoft\Logs to a ZIP file and send me this file to [email protected]

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