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So is it usefull to use Detekt? I'm running the Emsisoft Detail Scan and the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Scan on a daily base with rootkit detection enabled.


And another question, is Detekt even safe? I mean it could be very well that the sole purpose of the programm is to infect the PC with such goverment spyware.

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I see no evidence it would be unsafe. However, you don't need it. As I understand it its just a stand-alone tool that verifies your computer for possible spyware components. Nothing wrong with that, but you don't need it with EAM/MBAM running.

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One would expect a more serious answer from Emsisoft. You don't provide single argument. This sounds to me like "I don't even bother installing the application to see how it works". A more honest answer would be that you don't have time to compare yourself against competitors. I think it's a pitty, because a curious mind or anybody struggling to be the best at something would definitely do it.

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Unfortunately no samples, links, technical information or hashes are provided. Without at least one of those its pointless to comment on this, because there is no way to be sure what they are referring to.


What arguments would you want to see? Emsisoft products protect against all types of malware Detekt scans for. If it misses one we sure want to know about it, but it is unfortunately impossible to do anything about it without data that we can use to verify this.


Its is also good to realize that Detekt is a fundamentally different program than Emsisoft or other antivirus programs.

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Hello usuario,


You may wish to review the results of Gamma International's evaluation of various security solutions against its FinFisher (FinSpy) surveillance suite.


EAM (as would EIS) detected and alerted against the attempted install of all the tested Trojans.


You can download an Excel spreadsheet of results here:  https://netzpolitik.org/wp-upload/Anti-Virus-Results-FinSpy-PC-4.51.xlsm


The results indicate there were only two other security solutions that warned across the board.  One prevented the FinSpy Trojans from "heart-beating" by autosandboxing, but that is only my best guess.


This is what I will tell you from my own experience...


Both EAM and EIS provide a very high level of protection while at the same time are quite simple to learn and use.


For the average user, in day-to-day computing, either EAM or EIS are more than adequate to protect the system.



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