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Online armor hangs

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I decided to switch from EIS trial to EAM + OA free for the reason I got a key for EAM. So, after I decided to install OA as well, for the reason the site says that provides perfect overall protection, the installation was fine and all that. However, after the installation was over and I restarted my PC in order for OA to finish installing, OA is hanging. By that I mean, for example when I double click its icon to open, it takes up to 5 seconds to load, making the system tray icons to freeze. Same when I right click it from its system tray icon, it takes another 5 seconds to get out of the tray table, freezing in the meantime. This gets really annoying after a while. Is this an issue all other OA users are facing as well or is it only an issue with my computer? If so, how can this be resolved?

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Is only the initial load delayed or is navigation within the GUI delayed as well? Depending on the system OA is running on, 5 seconds until it starts may sound reasonable. Especially if the system is a bit older and lacks RAM. If the GUI is slow in general even after it has been started, it may indicate that Online Armor is constantly busy processing HIPS events, which usually indicates a compatibility issue with one of your other applications.

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