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update overload?

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I have seen this several times. I cancel the download, restart and usually the correct size is shown. I wonder if it is a variation on the 'download the entire signature database even though you don't need it' problem.

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Good morning, guys


it seems like you are talking about A-M v5 beta running on win 7. Is it?

That's much clearer from what H_D posted. since A-M beta & win 7 is in his signature (Mamutu is running on XP)

I did report the similar behaviour in a-squared Anti-Malware 5.0 - Beta discussion posted 03 March 2010 (see images in #4)

and since there was another similar episode.

All updates of the Free edition (beta) here are running smoothly

Most auto-updates on win 7 x64 are running fine but there are infrequent hiccups

as you (we) described.

The Application (in my case) has to be shut down and the update repeated manually.

It may happen that I was not patient enough, but as I said I usually don't have a chance having long sessions with that PC

My regards

p.s. There is another system issue mentioned in the above beta thread that as I understand I was able to pinpoint and connect to the 1st auto update after Reboot … but I will post it in there after few other tests.

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This was happening on Win Vista Ultimate, using V4.5. It happened with both automatic and manual updates.

I have not seen it happen on my system for at least a month.

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