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MS Fixit disabling IPv6

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Is the MS Fixit disabling IPv6 something that everyone should apply, or is it specific to certain problems?


Does it affect the performance / security of EIS, which includes IPv6 support?


What effect does disabling IPv6 have on Windows? I don't network or print share, just email and internet through my ISP and Windows Update, system time, etc






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Well, disabling IPv6 disables IPv6 which is the successor of IPv4, the protocol the internet uses to address servers. Whether or not this will have an impact on your system or connectivity largely depends on whether or not your ISP is using IPv6. At least in Europe a lot of internet via cable providers switched to IPv6 in the past year or so, so disabling IPv6 support in Windows may have a negative impact on your connectivity in such cases. If you don't know whether your ISP uses IPv6 or not I would suggest you just contact your ISP's support. In general though, disabling IPv6 will have no impact on your system's security whatsoever given your configuration. So unless you feel really paranoid about it or it causes issues that Microsoft says can be fixed by disabling IPv6, I would suggest not to disable it.

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