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Emsisoft Emergency Kit - crash

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Windows 7 64-bit
Vers. EEK
After completing the scan, the program has stopped responding...
Closing the application causes loss of information.
I do not want to repeat the scan, which takes a long time!!!
Where is option "Recover previous sessions if an application crashes"?
How to unfreeze the application unstable?

Emsisoft Emergency Kit - wersja 9.0
Ostatnia aktualizacja: 2014-10-19 20:57:12
Nazwa użytkownika:

Ustawienia skanera:

Typ skanu: Użytkownika
Obiekty: Rootkity, Pamięć, Ślady, C:\

Wykrywanie PNP: Włączone
Skanowanie plików skompresowanych: Włączone
Skanowanie ADS: Włączone
Filtr rozszerzeń plików: Wyłączone
Zaawansowana pamięć podręczna: Włączone
Dezpośredni dostęp do dysku: Wyłączone

Skanowanie uruchomiono: 2014-11-27 22:12:13
Key: HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-2526565877-3954789630-2661102657-1000\SOFTWARE\FOXY Wykryto: Adware.Win32.AdBundle (A)
Value: HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-2526565877-3954789630-2661102657-1000\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\WINDOWS\CURRENTVERSION\RUN -> FOXY Wykryto: Adware.Win32.AdBundle (A)
C:\Users\****\Downloads\ipla_downloader (1).exe Wykryto: Trojan.GenericKD.1884343 (B) FALSE http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/15906-false-detection/
C:\Users\****\Downloads\MI PONY 2.2.1\uninst.exe Wykryto: Trojan.Generic.11942355 (B) http://www.mipony.net/en/
C:\Users\****\Pictures\DLL.dll Wykryto: Gen:Variant.Symmi.19493 (B) FALSE http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/15934-eurekalab-dll-level-of-risk-high/
C:\Users\****\Pictures\ipla_downloader.exe Wykryto: Trojan.GenericKD.1884343 (B) FALSE http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/15906-false-detection/
C:\Users\****\Pictures\ipla_downloader.exe.dat Wykryto: Trojan.GenericKD.1884343 (B) FALSE http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/15906-false-detection/
C:\Users\****\Pictures\ipla_downloader.zip -> ipla_downloader.exe Wykryto: Trojan.GenericKD.1884343 (B) FALSE http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/15906-false-detection/
C:\Users\****\Pictures\rsload.net. Wykryto: Trojan.Generic.11714828 (B)

Przeskanowano: 239535
Wykryto: 9

Koniec skanu: 2014-11-27 22:42:59
Skan trwał: 0:30:46


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to reproduce the issue start a new scan and take a look if the software already crashed without responding.


To create the debug logs download the file debug_output.zip from http://download1.emsisoft.com/debug_output.zipand unpack the ZIP on your computer.

Now please run the script enable_debug_output.bat as Administrator and reboot your computer.

Now reproduce the issue. Is this done please run the script disable_debug_output.bat to disable the logging. Restart your computer again.

Now please add the folder C:\ProgramData\Emsisoft\Logs to a ZIP file and send me this file to [email protected] with a hint to this forum topic.

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Without the log there is unfortunately nothing we can do to figure out what is going wrong on your system as we can't reproduce the behavior in house. So I would like to kindly ask you to reconsider. Feel free to send those logs privately via either PM or email ([email protected]) if you don't want to post them in public.

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