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The shutdown after the scan was introduced only in v5 which is now in beta testing

The Command Line Scanner (CLS) can be shut down with the report being saved - that I know for sure.

I am not aware of any timeout re: GUI version

I will contact the developers

Are you working as a limited user or you have an account with the Admin rights?

My regards

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I am using an account with admin rights. It's just really wierd whenever I deep scan with A-squared. Once the scan finishes. It's all good I can remove cookies and whatever.

The only thing is when I leave the deep scan over night and the next morning, I don't get to see what A-squared has found. A-square is just closed.

Thanks, I hope you can find out the problem!

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1st, as an a side note: you don't need to remove cookies by any security Software

Cookies are harmless and never representing threats

Clean temporary file locations and cookies prior to any scan of the substantial size

Then I do remember and can find the request where users was asking precisely opposite. He was not happy that GUI is still present when left overnight therefore using the CLS was suggested

As I said I will think (since at the moment I have no idea - that should not happen) and ask the developers


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According to the description there were no rebooting since the answer to the question was "all programs are alive"

and I didn't mean whether "the system is alive", but other processes left as they were before the Deep Scan started

The only idea that may come to mind is that it's something to do with the Hibernation if that is enabled.

I have hibernation disabled from day one. I'm using only "Stand by" and basic Power Savings ( hard/drive; monitor - "black" - no screen savers ever ... etc.)

So probably that is worth testing. Disable the hibernation if that's - "On" and leave the scan overnight.

What are your setting regarding auto-submitting detected Malware suspects?

And what are your settings for the NIC in relation to power saving?

a2 will not keep the connection alive as some programs do e.g uTorrent. The latter will keep the connection even when the property set to reduce the power or even disconnect during standby

That is a speculation but something can go wrong in this area since you are saying that there were detected items (honestly - I had no chance to test such scenario)

My regards

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Thanks for trying to help me guys, really appreciate it.

Hmmmm, well I never use hibernation, it's disabled.

But I do have a screensaver on.

You are welcome

Not all problems can be easily pinpointed.

First try disabling both.

You did not answer the questions about auto-submitting (another thing to test - disable temporarily) and about NIC settings

Then, if you are leaving the GUI Dee Scan overnight please try few other things:

1) in any case that is highly recommended to shut down the real-time Guard of your Antivirus anywaty when Deep Scanning

Please do that and use that technique in any case

That is time consuming due to "OnAccess" feature of the AV Guard


that can create conflicts especially if you accidentally have auto- quarantine/ or auto-delete /auto-healing left set in your AV

All latter features must be disabled in any AV irrespectively (read this Sticky )

2) since you may feel unsafe leaving PC unattended and "without protection" you can disable the connection as well.

Why would you need that if you are just performing the scan?

3) In addition please get acquainted with CLS and its features as it was mentioned above -that is the one basically designed for using unattended scans. CLS is extremely flexible when you learn how to use it. You can create quite sophisticated scripts or batches ; save reports for different drives scanned that you can analyze later ... and many more helpful things. In addition when you learn & know how to use it you indeed can force the shutdown of your PC from script or batch when the scan is over

Note: just do not use /Q (quarantine) parameter. Save reports and make decisions in the morning after cup of coffee or two ;)

My regards

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Lynx, by auto submitting how do I disable that?

I have disabled screensaver, and done it over night scan, I woke up today and A-squared did not close. So maybe it's the screensaver? To be on the safe side I will do it again tonight and make sure. If it's the screensaver, that's really wierd, why does A-squared close when screensaver is on?

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Lynx, by auto submitting how do I disable that?

Go “Configuration” > Update Tab

There is “Submit names of detected Malware” option. That's what I meant

... I have disabled screensaver, and done it over night scan, I woke up today and A-squared did not close...

If disabling the Screen Saver makes a difference – that is an interesting thing to investigate.

Sure nobody can insist that you will perform several consequent tests regarding the matter with and without it (the saver) being active.

...but that is the only way to find the truth if one wants that

If you have a replicable outcome(s) – then it is a different story to find out why screen saver (or particular one) may interfere

My regards

p.s. just a brief note since it's Offtopic here: screen savers don't save anything.

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...2nd time tried A-Squared to see if it gonna dissappear over night, it didn't. So I'm assumming it has something to do with screensaver?
Thanks for the report, Armpits

Well, the different system settings (screen saver included) were the suspects

If you have such replicable positive result without the use of the saver that is good outcome

The thing is to find out - whether any screen sever will interfere like that or just some of them and why.

In case the developers consider that being an interesting subject for investigation they may ask you to send information about the saver you were using

My regards

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