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Compatability Issue


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OK, so I have been 110% satisfied with EMIS 9 from both a protection and performance perspective.


I have a dear friend who for some reason was inspired to give me a gift of the new Bitdefender Total Security 2015 Multi-Device( BDTS). I guess she liked the splashy colors on the Bitdefender Website and the new BRAIN, which no one outside of Bitdefender really knows what it is and how it interacts with your device. I have a need for a 5-device license like I need a hole in my head since I have one PC and an android phone that is "protected" with the free Q100. Frankly, I don't think anything can protect the swiss-cheese like Android system and I only use it for making phonecalls--no banking or payment apps.


So as not to hurt her feelings, I uninstalled EMIS 9 and installed the new Bitdefender product, also being intrigued by the new BRAIN mumbo-jumbo. "Oh Honey I love the new neck tie you gave me!"


While I never had any issues doing a scan with EMIS, BDTS gets hung up on one file. It's a problematic file, takes other some programs and security suites a long time to process (Webroot, known for its speedy scans takes over 8 minutes to scan this file,) but EMIS never gave me a problem. Several defraggers also  get stuck on it. I've never checked to see what kind of file it is . It's a Windows system 32/amd64 blah blah blah file. So if I want to do scans, I can't rely on the new Flagship Bitdefender Product. I only use 80 gigs on my hard drive and after 5 hours BDTS had only completed 50% and I'm certain if I left it running for a week it would not complete the scan of that file. I have used Bitdefender IS in the past and my opinion of iy is that it is an excellent engine housed in junk softyware. Something eventually always goes wrong with it, requiring a reinstall.


I have read on these forums that EMIS 9 is compatable with other AV programs and since it runs a BD scan engine I have  reason to believe that if I was using Emisoft Anti- Malware I'd be ok running both programs together, But what about the firewall? Can,should I run both firewalls together. I much prefer the EMIS firewall and understand that I can disable the firewall in BDTS, but I have no idea if the effectiveness of its protection would be compromised.


So would it be OK two run EMIS and BDTS with or without it's firewall enabled?


In other words, is it ok to run two BD A/V programs to not hurt my girlfriend's feelings ? LOL

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I tend to agree :-) She was obviously dazzled by what is portrayed as the "new" BRAIN in BD TS 2015 M-D and the accompanying graphics.


However, note this posted tonight on Wilders and quoting from the Bit Defender forum:


"A user in BD forum posted:

'I have been doing a bit of digging and am informed by BD that - "BRAIN technology is already part of all our products which we constantly improve and update. With our new Total Security Multi-Device we also decided to communicate the result of 5 years work in our labs. So, this self-learning technology that offers instant protection from any online hazards is available in each and every Bitdefender engine.' "


You might also note my response to that post:


 "LMAO clear.png Edward Bernays (aka "the father of public relations" and social propaganda) would be proud.

Interesting looking at the BD Website. ATM, the ONLY product that lists the BRAIN as a feature is BD TS M-D 2015.

Looking again at the BRAIN powered TS 2015 M-D press release there is nothing in it that contradicts the above quote from the BD Forums. Very clever copywriting.

I heard from a fairly reliable source that next year's Bitdefender Products will include the HEART. What it does is play a WAV sound to make it seem that your PC is crying whenever the BRAIN communicates to the HEART that it has detected malware on the system. It is going to be emphasized that the HEART has been in development and has been refined over a period of more than 200.000 years and will be promoted as a revolutionary advancement in security software being the first to give an audible warning of malware detection.

The same copywriter who wrote the TS 2015 M-D press release is said to have already developed next year's Bitdefender main marketing slogan: " 'You Gotta Have HEART'



Won't be easy telling my GF she was fooled out of $100. I'll emphasize "It's the Thought That Counts."  Sounds like an expensive dinner date is now on my schedule. :-)


Looks like I'll be adding a third rule to my personal rules of life:


1) Stay out of the hospital


2) Stay out of jail


3) Don't mix Love with Malware

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ROFL.  Yeah the dinner date is the best solution.    And yep rule 3 is appropriate.


Gee having your computer cry  when it detects malware is almost laughable.   Funny thing is when I accept the "suite" concept with EIS, I started looking at other suites out there.  I found a) I didn't like them, and b) they weren't as effective.  Emsisoft reigns as far as I am concerned.



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Well, Bitdefender made this very easy for me. The product was not updating. $100 for a Flagship product that doesn't update !!! 


What a sad, costly joke.


Bitdefender should be ashamed. (ashamed: Romanian translation: rușinat, jenat)


I hope Bitdefender is doing a better job updating signatures for Emisoft


Uninstalled :-)

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