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A-squared and Free Rip False positive [Resolved]

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Hi Dives82,

Basically you can read the advices given in this thread regarding the Traces

There are no associated files flagged or you have to Deep Scan since the software itself may not be scanned by the Smart Scan.

If you was using and uninstaled FreeRIP Software - those are just leftovers.

If you never had the Software those could be False Positives

If you are using FreeRIP v3.3 from freerip.com and you quarantined those entries without prior investigation the Software may not work or the traces could reappear as soon as the Software will be used next time

If that is the case if you are using the Software and you trust it – restore quarantined items and you probably you will want to whitelist flagged items so they will be excluded from any further scans

If you are not sure you have to investigate and submit flagged items from the detection list for analisys to EMSI developers

At the same time, since “mgshareware” is in your detections and you may've downloaded the software from “mgshareware. Com» that site is currently badly rated and blocked by MVPS Hosts and hpHosts and by WOT as well …. and that may me a reason for the detections

My regards

P.S. Just in case read this Sticky That may help in the future

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