Had to uninstall EIS after regular freezes

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We upgraded to EIS at the end of October and installed this on 2 identical laptops.


From that time on we began experiencing regular freezes, more on one laptop than the other.


Basically we would be doing something (could be anything, several different scenarios were experienced) when everything would suddenly snarl up. We could still use the mouse, but if we were on the internet it was no longer possible to navigate to new pages. If we had a program open it was not possible to close it. We could access Control Panel (via WIn + X) but the options we tried there, such as Event Viewer, were unresponsive. It was impossible to open Task Manager by any method. It was usually impossible to close down the laptop correctly and we had to close using the power button.


On one laptop this was happening 2 or 3 times a day, every day. On the other it wasn't always daily, but several times a week.


The only common factor was that the laptops had internet access when the freezes occurred. The action where we first noticed the freeze was mostly when the internet was being used, but not always. It also occurred when playing a game that did not use the internet (but the laptop did have a live internet connection at the time of the crash).


After tearing our hair out trying to find a solution we decided to uninstall EIS a few days ago.


The change has been remarkable - no freezes at all on either laptop plus things seem to be working more quickly (even before upgrading to EIS we had noticed that EAM seemed to use a lot of memory).


So we have concluded that EIS was causing our problem.


The question is: what now? We don't want to reinstall EIS and return to the unacceptable freeze situation. I'm pretty sure (from a previous browse on the forum) that other people have recorded similar issues. Is there a solution that will allow us to reinstall EIS with confidence?

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Please run the Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST) on your laptop:

Download FRST from:

Double-click to run it. When the tool opens click Yes to disclaimer.
Press Scan button.
Farbar Recovery Scan Tool will produce the following logs:

Please send this 2 files FRST.txt and Addition.txt to the mail [email protected] with a hint to this forum topic here.

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UPDATE for the information of anyone with a similar problem:


I sent the FRST logs as requested, which did not show any issues. I then reinstalled EIS on the laptop that had been experiencing the most issues and monitored it for several days. There were no further freezes, after which I reinstalled EIS on the second laptop. So far, both laptops are performing as expected without any issues.


The version of EIS reinstalled was a newer build than the version that had caused the issues, so it is possible that there was a conflict between the original version and Windows.


I will continue to monitor the performance of both laptops and EIS.


Thank you to Christian Peters and Fabian Wosar from Emsisoft.

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