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I´ve recently installed Emsisoft Internet Security, as i forgot to merge my old licences for OArmor and EAMalware . 


I uninstalled those two programs as their license expired, and to give you some feedback for EIS , i have to say that the last few months my computer crashed often using OA and EAM, and when my PC was on hibernate mode, just freezed and i was unable to close windows and restart, my computer hanged a lot or run out of memory, wich i tested and it wasnt my memory module.


Now with Emsisoft Internet Security its all working fine, cant believe it! . I was hesitant to change because this one doesnt have the Hips function, but in general i think EIS its a better product.


Two questions, in settings i put that im on a public network, is it the same as the old feature " not trusted " network ?. I have cablemodem connection only, not WIFI.


And i dont see the option for renewal for my license, but ill look forward into it, thanks!



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if you use the computer only on your home internet access please select private network in the EIS firewall settings. The option public network is only for networks like a wifi access on coffee shops, airports or other public internet access points.


Yo can renew your license in the customer center on https://cc.emsisoft.comor you can renew your license on the site http://www.emsisoft.com/en/order/renew/ .

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