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Emsisoft will not run

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I have run several scans on my computer looking for malware.  So far, all have come back clean and I have not deleted or cleaned any files.. I thought I would give the Emsisoft Emergency Kit a try. I downloaded and attempted to run.  I received the following error message:


Class not registered, Class ID {56FDF344-FD6D-11D0-958A006097C9A090}


Can anyone help me out with this?  Thanks.

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That class ID belongs to a Windows component that allows applications to modify their appearance in the Windows task bar. It is used to show scan and update progress directly inside the Windows task bar button for example. Some tools however will uninstall that component. We already updated EEK to not fail to start if the component is missing. That update is currently only available in beta though. You can however re-register the Windows component manually using the registry script I attached. Just unpack the ZIP file and double click the taskbar_component.reg file. When asked whether you want to add the information from the registry file to your registry just click "Yes". EEK should start properly after that.


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Ok.  Thanks for the help.  Although I have not noticed any issues, would the installation of the unzipped registry file cause any problems down the road?  Would a syatem restore be in order.


Do you have any idea when the new version will becaome available for download?


Thanks again for your help.

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