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Emsisoft blocking Plex home media server


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Hi Team,

I have recently swiched from the Malware/online armor combination to the single Internet security program. I was able to access the Plex media server for a couple of weeks, then the set top box could no longer see the server over the network. I am able to see the server if I "pause protection for 10 mins" and as soon as I have a file running on the TV I can resume the protection. I am using Plex and have given the program full permissions (I think...It is listed as a "Fully trusted application"). I am running windows 7 64 and have the latest version of Internet security.  I think the problem may be located with these settings in the firewall so I am attaching this picture of my firewall settings...I am not sure what any of it means. Thanks in advance, any help or advice is appreciated.



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