Emsisoft after Bitdefender (Trafficlight and a question about qBittorrent)

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for many years i've used Bitdefender AV and IS, but now i'm trying Emsisoft IS.

as a newbie with Emsisoft i've some questions:

1. does EIS have something like BD Trafficlight to see if a google-search-result is safe or not? (or is that fully unnecessary?)

2. in BD IS i've got an automatic scan maybe once a week - should i set up scheduled scan in EIS too?


3. how to set up rules for qBittorrent properly? at the first time i've allowed all connections, but in the behavior log i can see many entries for qBittorrent. is that normal? or should i change some settings?




thank you!


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1. EIS does not provide such feature. But the EIS Surf Protection will block all malicious hosts that are listed in our Surf Protection database.


2. Normally a scheduled scan is not needed if you use EIS with enabled File Guard. The File Gard will check all new files on your machine for known malware.


3. This is a well known issue in our software with new log entries for the NewProcess behavior. We are working on it and we will provide a fix for it in one of the next program updates.

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