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System crashes when EIS Firewall wifi connection set to Public

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I suddenly started getting system crashes a few days ago every time I turned my pc on - no bsod, it just crashes and reboots - I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 fully patched with EIS v9.0.0.4668 - no other security software.


The only way my machine would start was in Safe Mode.  The little info available in Event Viewer ponted to WLAN problems which initially made me think it was a problem with my TP-Link TL-WN822N USB wifi adaptor which has been working fine for a year or more.  I updated the drivers but the same problem.  If I unplugged the wifi adaptor and started the pc it booted up fine.  As soon as I plugged it in, the system crashed.


I then began to wonder whether the EIS firewall might be interfering with it, so I disabled the EIS firewall, and plugged the wiffi adaptor back in - all was fine - no crashes.  As soon as I enabled EIS firewall, the system crashed again.


It seems that my wireless network was set as Public in EIS firewall (in Firewall, Manage Networks) for some reason and this seems to be what is causing the system to crash.


If I set my wireless network to Private, next time I start my pc with the wifi adaptor connected, everything is fine.


If I set it to Public, next time I restart my pc with the wifi adaptor connected, the system crashes.


Anyway, all seems well at the moment fingerss crossed.


I have some minidumps if you want them.




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Hello Marko,


Can you please check your C:\Windows\Minidump directory for any files which creation dump coincides roughly with the time of the crashes you experienced? If you find such files, would you please send them to [email protected] so I can take a look at them? It would be helpful if you could include a link to this topic to make it easier for me to assign your submission to your particular support case.


Thanks! :)

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