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Web Browsing - Financial Data Protection - System Setup

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I simply would like some feedback on the current security solution I am using:


1.  Emsisoft Internet Security

2.  Web-hosted Secure Browser (single-session remote cookie/key, sandboxed, no scripting of any type, no downloading, no saving, no copy-paste)

3.  Virtual Keyboard with Anti-Keystroke, -Mouse, -Screen,  and -Clipboard Capture functionality


Assuming that remote vulnerabilities are secure (e.g. network, servers, websites, etc), I can think of nothing beyond the above three items necessary to protect financial data on the local system.


A.  The web-hosted secure browser protects against browser intrusions/exploits.

B.  The virtual keyboard protects data input.

C.  Emsisoft Internet Security's Intrusion Detection System protects against anything that defeat's the web-hosted secure browser and virtual keyboard.


A layered approach...


Any suggestions?





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An ounce of prevention..... and that is especially true when it comes to computer security. Your setup really is more than sufficient. In my experience, as long as you have a good security software (and EIS definitely is that :)) the only thing you really need in order to have a safe computer is a security-conscious user. Otherwise your AV can tell you something is dangerous, but if you allow it you still may get infected.

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Hello Siketa,


Unfortunately MBAE is incompatible with SurfRight's HitmanPro.Alert - which I use specifically because of its anti-financial Trojan protections with standard browsers.


Instead of MBAE, I try my best to "greatly reduce the potential attack surface area."


For example, I do not use:


1.  any Adobe products (Flash, Reader, Acrobat, etc)

2.  Oracle's Java

3.  Microsoft's Windows Media Player

4.  Microsoft's Outlook


Among other safer "computing habits," such as using Secunia PSI to keep all installed applications up-to-date.


On one system I use IE11 because EIS 9 provides protections for it.  On the other system, I rely upon FireFox ESR (w/JonDoFox profile) and Comodo IS 8.


As you know, malware is a numbers game; in order for malware to be successful it has to infect as many systems as possible.  Consequently, malware developers will target the vulnerabilities of the most widely installed applications:  which means, for the most part, Adobe and Microsoft applications.






PS - Siketa, I know you already know all of this ;) ... just included for others' benefit.

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Hey hjlbx

I would just add one thing that has not yet been mentioned, and that I think is the most central core in any security setup. Get yourself a good backup software like Acronis or Paragon, that is able to recreate your system anytime. Otherwise is my best advice to try to keep your security simple, one strong signature engine, one zero day tool and one solid backup software. (It gives also that advantage that it is easier to troubleshoot issues,if there should be any). Otherwise I think you have a good approach regarding your security setup :)

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