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Network Blocked / Computers Can't Ping Each Other


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1.  In my home, I'm using a two computer "work" network on Windows 7, which has worked fine for over a year.

2.  In late November, maybe on November 28 or 29, with no other changes to the system, no windows updates, no new software installation, the network stopped working.

3.  Both the pc and laptop show up in the router, as does the printer.

4.  The two computers and printer are connected via ethernet cables directly to the 2wire router (which I turned off, let sit, turn on to rule out a router problem).
5.  Both computers can print to the printer.
6.  Neither computer can access the other at all.

7.  From a DOS prompt, each computer can ping itself, but neither can ping the other.
8.  This doesn't seem to change when I turn off Emsisoft Internet Security on both by clicking "shut down protection". But I don't know what really gets turned off when I do that.

9.  Just tried deactivating only the Firewall. Deactivating the firewall allowed the network to function, even after reactivating. Now I will reboot and check if it continues to work.


I will come back and report. I'm about to run the debug output on the desktop. I hope it's okay to just do it on the desktop instead of on the laptop too. That's a lot of time, but if needed, I'll do it.


I will then email it in.


btw, I've seen this thread: http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/16110-eis-9-firewall-blocking-private-network-server/?hl=ping



It's a "private" network.

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RESULTS (logs emailed to Christian):

1.  Ran the debug script and began reproducing the issue.
2.  Desktop (DT) tried to access the Laptop drive (LT). Failed.
3.  DT tried to ping LT. Failed.
4.  Turned off DT firewall. Tried to ping LT failed. And DT couldn't access LT drives. BUT:
5.  LT was able to ping DT, but was NOT able to access drives on DT.
6.  Turned off LT firewall. DT then able to ping LT. Network fully operational, both directions.
7.  Turned both firewalls back on. Network still operational.
8.  Rebooted DT but left LT on. After reboot, DT could still access LT but LT could not access DT.

9.  After rebooting LT, network fully blocked again.

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