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Slow, slow boot time...EIS

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Fabian, disabled what you suggested but it made no difference so I've reenabled it. Have disabled Emsi Protection Service and the Asus one. Rebooted. No difference in boot time. I'm running a "trace" now to see what EIS is doing that that disabled and will report back here.


Here is a list of "timings" of the boot. May provide insight.

Boot up time
00:00 Black screen after restart
00:06  Windows boot manager screen with options for Windows; Macrium Recovery; and AX64 Recovery
00:09 Windows logo on black background
00:34 Light blue Windows Welcome screen
01:05 Purple desktop background, with no icons
01:23 Icons show up
01:30 Popup for which drives were recognized, and I'm ready to go

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It would be quite helpful to get an actual boot trace of your system. While your self-made notes are handy, they don't really say anything about what is taking so much time during the boot. Depending on the exact version of Windows you are using there are various tools that could be used to create such a trace. Would you mind sharing the Windows version you are using so I can compile some instructions for you?

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