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I have just merged the EAM in the EIS.


1. EAM uninstalled.

2. Install KBxxxxx hotfix ( PC- Vista SP2 x32)

3. PC Restarted 

4. I installed the EIS, the network is blocked. Turn off the FW and everything works. Again I turn FW, the network is blocked.

5. Restart the computer, again the same.

6. I  turned off and turn on the FW, all work. For now everything is ok.

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Can I use this EIS license for EAM again?  This is a shame...two days no one will do nothing to respond.

The product does not work on Windows Vista SP2 (all updates) 32 bit.

Do you familiar with this problem or not

EAM has worked 4 years on this computer. I dont use any other security software

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sorry for the late reply.


Yes we are aware on this issue and our developers are working on it. Currently we can not provide a date for the release of the patch.


I can offer you to switch back to EAM + OA until the patch is available. Please send me on PM (persoanl message) your old EAM and OA key. I will reactivate this keys asap so you can reinstall EAM and OA.

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I having a problem with the VPN Connection getting Error 720, even when I stop the firewall it will still not let me connect to the VPN. so I have uninstalled the EIS and have to reinstall EAM it kind for bad when you have paid for a product that does not work right. I love Emsisoft I have used the Anti-virus software for years with no problems.   

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