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Just joined. My first post.

Two "deep scans" ago, a-squared free found two high-risk trojans. One was deleted, the other not. As a result, after my desktop icons load, I get a pop-up saying:


Error Loading


The specified module could not be found

A copy of my scan earlier today is attached. The new files in question that I could NOT delete today are the c:\program files\registry easy.....(at the top)

I understand that "registry" issues are critical and the IT guy at work told me to run "MalwareBytes" anti-malware at home but the problem with the RUNDLL pop-up started after I did this. Not being very technical, I am now concerned. He feels that the files were deleted but the virus is still trying to load, resulting in the message. Yet, a-squared still shows the files on my system which cannot be deleted. I am using a Dell Demension, Windows XP, Home Edition (ver. 2002) with Service Pak 3.

Any advice and thank you in advance.

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Hi BronxKid, welcome to the forum.

1) Basically if you received the message from a-squared about inability to quarantine or delete please read this pinned thread and follow the instructions.

2) It is hard to tell what was deleted. First there is no info about the file as you typed it.

Then probably you shouldn't have deleted the suspects. Quarantine could be better option but even that may not always be safe thing to do without prior investigation

Read this Sticky

3) Cookies are harmless and never representing threats. It is recommended to clean temporary files location and cookies prior to the scanning

4) The detections in the System Restore point are inactive and can be used only by the System Restore feature. Antiviruses cannot manipulate with data in that protected area. The only way to clean Sys Restore is to turn it Off ; Reboot and switch it back On.

You will be advised by the malware fighter when and how to clean the System Restore

Create new thread in the "Malware Removal help" section and attach all required log files there as per referred instruction

Provide brief description of the problems there (you can copy the message about rundll as you posted here)

My regards

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