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Emsisoft Online Armor And Oracle VM VirtualBox

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I want to know if Oracle VM Virtual Box is fully compatible with Online Armor.

I've read in this forum that Online Armor has problems with the installation if VirtualBox is already installed.

In my case, I installed VirtualBox when Online Armor was already installed. No problems so far.


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from: http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/5208-known-online-armor-issues/#entry42168



Online Armor is incompatible with Virtual Box when installed on the host system

Installing Online Armor on a system that has Virtual Box installed will cause a blue screen.

The blue screen is caused by improper parameter validation inside the Virtual Box network driver when releasing NDIS related memory.

Because the problem isn't caused by Online Armor directly, there is no way for us to fix it. The only way to use Online Armor at this point is to uninstall Virtual Box and switch to another VM solution.


Normally OA and VBox are not compatible and will end in a bluescreen. So we suggest to use a other VM software to prevent problems.

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Thanks for the answer.

I've changed to VM Player.

At 2014/12/31, while I was using VirtualBox, I opened Online Armor's UI.

After doing that, Online Armor froze.

Reading some posts un this forum, I found that OA was incompatible, so I uninstalled VirtualBox in order to install VM Player.

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