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False Positive?

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My program in program files. Called kontakt2.exe (which is a Native Instruments Kontakt 2), this never been found before. Scanned with other spyware programs, done a AV scan, nothing found. But scanned with A-squared comes up "High Risk" ?

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Please submit from the detection list to EMSI developers for analysis

Always save the report, so you can attach it and/or send via e-mail if necessary

Posting just the file name or the alleged infection name does not provide any information

The location of the files / precise names of files and/or Registry Entries ; processes, etc. are required. The same applies to the detections names. All that info should be in the saved report produced by a-squared.


Native Instruments is a music/effects/etc. production Software

kontakt2.exe is known keygen / patch for the Software

Is that what you were using?

There is free "kontact" sampler player but there are a set of Kontakt Instruments that are not...

My regards

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