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Question - When Desktop Freezes Can I Force a Memory Dump?

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I am experiencing an issue with the entire desktop freezing (cannot access taskbar icons, taskbar context menu, open app frames, etc - but the cursor and keyboard still function.  However, I cannot open any applications/utilities.)


I am not sure what is/are the cause(s).  So I was going to attempt to get a full memory dump and fire it off to those who can analyze it.


It happens most often when I run an EIS scan while in Shadow Defender "Shadow (virtual) Mode."


Does anyone know if it is possible to create a full memory dump when the desktop hangs/freezes?


I know that I would have to exclude the dump file path so as to ensure it is committed to the system.  It may be tricky...reboot may not save the dump file.


In any case, I know there is BellaVista and other utilities that can capture memory dumps, but I know of know of no method to open them in a situation where the desktop/application access is completely unavailable.





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You will have to prepare your system ahead of time. BellaVista does not create the dump. It is just a convenient way of setting the required registry values to tell Windows so Windows does it for you. You make those settings once, reboot and just wait for the freeze to reappear. You don't need to start anything then. Just press the hot key to force a blue screen on Windows and it will write the memory dump for you.

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