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Emisoft blocking app from running?

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I use apps like uTorrent and it blocked the app from running than went as far as telling me when I tried to run it that it is not a valid win32 app!  I was beginning to thing I had a problem with my Windows but figured out it is EIS.  So how can I set this trial to not block applications I ONLY want it to block KNOWN not potential or unknown.  I know I selected to ignore PUPS but I am still being blocked.  Even my application DomDom Manga Downloader was being blocked.  I want it to monitor but not block my apps by default.   Kaspersky does this but so far Emisoft is an intrusive software that is becomming annoying.


How do I set this software NOT to be annoying!  Now it's even annoying me with my Steam app for my games!  ARRGGGHHH!  I have not seen such an annoying firewall in ages!  I want it to protect but not annoy the hell out of me with tons of pop ups.  If I am not able to do this I will go back to Kaspersky with it's nice auto mode and silent monitoring.  It never deleted stuff unless it was a 100% bonifide malware than it only quarantined it.

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