Software updates lose the SafeRun setting

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One big plus with OnlineArmor for Windows XP users is the SafeRun feature.  Unfortunately, when software is automatically updated, such as Mozilla Firefox, the new version is no longer forced to run as 'User'.  This means that users are blissfully unaware that the application is not proteced by SafeRun.


Of course, when the user becomes aware of this, he/she can go into program settings in OnlineArmor and restore SafeRun for the affected application.


As a fall-back, I use DropMyRights but the default web browser may be invoked other than through DropMyRights.


Shame that OnlineArmor is unable to keep track of application updates and automatically ensure that affected applications maintain their SafeRun status.

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currently it is by desgin because a new rule will be created during the update of Firefox. So it is needed to set the RunSafer flag again.


If you see the green border is missing around the Firefox UI then you have to set the RunSafer flag again.

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