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latest OA free version, constant request for a password on startup?

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I have had the free most recent version of Online Armor installed for some time, and only recently I have had a message pop up during startup to enter a password. The program has not been tampered with, and malwarebytes avast superantispyware etc detect no issues of infection on the system. Could it be a registry or related OA issue? If I enter a random password, I usually get 'password error' but I am certain that 'invalid password' has popped up before, similar to this old post from 2011:-



I could not work out which program was linked to the request for a password until I noted the same style for the frame of the blue window, and that when the error message appears, an OA shield is shown in the taskbar, as shown in my second image below. Thanks for any info. I might try and reinstall windows however as it is a fairly old laptop desperately running out of hdd space (2007 1.5Ghz dual laptop, intel gfx, 100GB hdd total). Thanks for any info. I just want to be sure that the message is legitimate or a likely infection.








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I might have done in the past.


At the moment OA is not showing 'remove password', indicating that (it thinks) none has been set up, so I will try adding a new one. If I receive the error only when a password is not set, then I will stick to having a password for now.  


Perhaps a clean re-installation to a different program files directory might help solve it. My system after a thorough malware scan seems to be fine.



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