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how to send a file for analysis (for FP)

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Hi. A-squared found trojan, but i am sure it's false positive. It thinks mltb32.dll is trojan. Then i remove this dll, my legally bought dictionary (Multilex deluxe) isn't working. I have this dictionary from summer of 2008. Last year Bitdefender, Avira and Gdata also weren't happy about this file. I send this file to avira. They confirmed that it was FP. So: how to send to a-squared team for analysis? I send it from Gui of A2 maybe week or two ago, but this FP still exists. You can see my log. Thanks.

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Thank you very much, Christian. It would be great to have a topic (in this forum) with link to this address.

Hi zylu, welcome to the forum

The address posed by Christian Peters mentioned in Contact Us (see Service & Support)

Creating the password protected file described in

'> this Offtopic thread

Basically that is not a problem for me to edit the thread & add some info regarding e-mail submission there. It is just e-mail type of submission is rarely used now

As you can see from this Russian site:


and as you mentioned that is indeed not a “new issue” regarding flagging of this file by other security

I was just searching & the site just drew my attention because the similar detection there (in the past ) and because of Lingvo x3 files detections

I do have X3 installed here Multilingual, but English-Russian is the main thing I'm using.

I never used "Multilex Deluxe" by Paragon though

I hope that issue will be resolved ASAP

My regards

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Hi, Lynx. Thanks for information. I have Multilex deluxe because i need french, spanish and english dictionaries. I have Abbyy Lingvo European edition (12 version). Never had any problem with Abbyy and any Antivirus has never detected nothing. Regards.

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Thank you for reply, zylu

Well, I did have some issues with other security Package re: Lingvo License Service in the past

We cannot live without FPs :)

Other than that I hope that the issue was or will be resolved shortly

I'll send you PM


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