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is necesary kb2958399

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I have a long history of incompatibility problems whith EAM and comodo but i should fix using sandboxie now i want to back to EIS but the installer ask for the kb 2958399 but i know if dont install it it causes blue screens of dead and ms discontinued that hot fix. My custion is necesary that hotfix now? Microsoft link to that hot fix dont work and i can not install please if anybody have provide to me here  thanks


Thanks and sorry for my constant cuestions 


S.O Windows 7 x64


Edited MS dont provide the hotfix

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Dear alternaxa Arthur wilkinson gives me a site where donload it, i like to know if you have an a copy of that. MS says things very bad

1 out servers down

2 dont provide that hotfix anymore

3 pay and we make changes who hotfix does

4 its your computer internet and isp

5 dont use emsi

6 emsi must give you our host fix

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Ok really bad i apologize and feel very bad, sorry i  am desesperated and hope to understand, i apologize and say sorry whith every member of staff who i disturb, when i recive a warning and when Arthur says me that not the way  i have  i stop to send mensajes and include wirte a mail. I think its not nice. And a Warning is a warning not a (castigo). I am think dont fault respect to anybody, dont use never altisonant words, and never talk bad about emsi or his team. 9 warning points i never see that it appears instantanely and now i have that rigth of pm revoqued. I will try using the forum as less posible. To dont  inconformate you. Some one are kindly and give me a solution. And some one who dont know the desesperation of comon user and says. "Nobody haves your problem" baned me. Sorry maybe can say me before that i will use e mail support in mayor chases. And can delete that post. I plain to worte some ideas on feed back and recomend emsi to all my mates and affter recive a price from you and peace on mind i feel good, now i feel sad. That problem are solved please close my topic and if that incomodate you delete my coment

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Fabian revoked your private message rights when he found you had sent private messages so many people asking for help (including some who were not staff members), and then repeatedly sent more messages to them when they didn't reply right away.

You can still post on the forums and you can still e-mail us to ask for assistance, but Fabian has decided to revoke your ability to send private messages for the time being.

As for the 9 warning points, that's just to let you know how important we consider it that you don't send messages to random people on the forums asking for things. As long as there are no further infractions of the Terms of Use for our forums, there won't be any further action taken against your account.

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