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Security Failure from the start?


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Windows 7 Home Premium...wired PC


I have been experiencing a recurrent infection which I believe is a usb autorun.   So after reading the reviews, I installed the Emsisoft Internet Security version [ for the second time after a reformat and reinstall] with high hopes.


But sadly, after using Windows restore/affected programs, I consistently find two suspicious files related to Emsisoft.  I have created a screenshot which I will attach here.   The only info I can find is from a developers website:



where I found this 


Replaced with the highest commit revision in the working copy.


ALSO:  from the very start, Emsi asked if I wanted to allow a download with a long string identifier which I did not recognize.  So I said "NO. Quarantine.  But when I checked there was nothing in quarantine.


This all happens immediately after using my Windows Update disc to upgrade. I am an advanced user who has tried many forums and followed their instructions.  I am very dismayed that this super Security fails to protect itself from the beginning.   And I haven't even turned on or plugged in my external usb .drives. What is going on?


My computer is driving me CRAZY.   Please help!   THANKS



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Based on the screenshot you installed Emsisoft Enterprise Console on your system. That software is intended to manage large amounts of Emsisoft Anti-Malware installations from a single server which is an often requested feature for corporate networks. From the looks of it, neither Emsisoft Anti-Malware nor Emsisoft Internet Security is even installed on your system.

I suggest you uninstall Emsisoft Enterprise Console first, unless you really want to remote administrate Emsisoft Anti-Malware installations. Then download and install Emsisoft Internet Security from here:


Other than that it looks like the version information in the Emsisoft Enterprise Console are set incorrectly. That is where the $WCREV$ comes from. We will fix it in the next version.

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