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It seems, for no reason that I can find, that a shortcut created in appdata/roaming breaks my start menu shortcut for EIS. Not sure why the shortcut for Emsisoft Internet Security Guard is created but when it appears, the EIS shortcut no longer works. I have deleted Emsisoft Internet Security Guard in appdata/roaming several times but it keeps reappearing.


Any suggestions?


Please see attached.




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The shortcut is required for notification toasts to work properly. Microsoft made the decision to bind toast notifications to shortcuts on your Metro screen. That is why the Guard will create a shortcut so it can display notification toasts properly. This should not impact your other shortcut though. Can you check whether the EIS shortcut still points to the correct executable?

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Sorry for the delay. I had to wait for it to happen again.


1. The start menu tile loses its naming and the shortcut now points to users -> chris -> appdata -> roaming ->...->a2guard. Previously, it pointed towards program data -> ... -> a2start (Emsisoft Internet Security).

2. At the app screen, the tile is missing from the index, 'Emsisoft Internet Security'. The tile has moved and is now indexed under 'E' and points towards a2guard (Emsisoft Internet Security Guard).


The tile on the start screen no longer opens the gui since it now points towards a2guard.


I have no idea how to troubleshoot this. It's really no big deal, just a nuisance.





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