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On an XP Home system...


I noticed in some of the recent(ish) discussions about OA's future that some people praise the Firewall Status screen - invaluable in tracking down which app is doing most of the network traffic.  I've never seen data on that screen which makes sense.  For example this morning while an app named "Juice" was downloading podcasts, the Inbound Data graph showed (see screenshot) traffic of around 700 KB - 1 MB per second (which matched the speed display on Juice's status line). 


But as the screenshot shows in the chart below the graphs, virtually speeds of data transfer per app were negligible, and the other columns (do they show amounts in the last snapshot interval, or cumulative amounts?) are also too small to have any meaning.


I find it hard to believe that OA can see the traffic well enough to record its overall volume, and hopefully see enough of its characteristics to manage it, but get these figures so wrong.  Why does it not work for me?



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The screen fails to attribute traffic to applications correctly in many cases. The problem is that OA only starts counting once you open the screen so traffic going through a connection that is already established before the status screen was opened can't be attributed properly.

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