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Emsisoft Network Filter

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My download speeds - normally rock-solid between 2.0 MB/sec and 2.1 MB/sec - have suddenly dropped to around 500 Kb/sec, sometimes as low as 372 Kb/sec.


In attempting to determine the problem I found that I was unable to either ping or tracert any site, e.g. Google.


In checking my network configuration I noticed the entry "Emsisoft Network Filter".


Recalling that I had to restart my computer a couple of days back in order for an Emsisoft update to take effect, I unselected the network filter / reset the network adapter / restarted the modem etc.


I am now able to ping and run a tracert. However, my download speeds remain low e.g. 1.3 Mb/sec.


Your assistance is appreciated   :(

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Disabling the Emsisoft Network Filter effectively disables any firewall protection. The traceroute issue is a known issue at the moment and caused by a wrong value in one of the default rules. Go to Protection/Firewall and make sure the "Traceroute replies" rule has its Action set to Allow and its ICMP type set to Traceroute. For the Ping replies rule check that the Action is set to Allow and the ICMP type is set to EchoReply. Both ping and traceroute should work just fine now.

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Hi Fabian --


I reselected the Emsisoft Network Filter and set the rules as instructed.


Both the ping and tracert still fail.


Please view the attached and tell me where I am going wrong.


BTW is there any other rule that might have caused the slowdown in my downloads ?


Kind regards




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