Uninstaller for Emsisoft Internet Security & possibly for Emsisoft AntiMalware and Online Armor setups

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I have been communicating with Emsisoft customer support via email regarding my Emsisoft Internet Security not wanting to update suddenly as of March 4, 2015.  We have been troubleshooting (fiddler2 session used) and the following is the information I have to attach:


There is no log from Emsisoft Internet Security scan as it was negative.


1.  "Addition" log

2.  "FRST" log

3.  Screen shots of error messages


I was last instructed to "uninstall" Emsisoft Internet Security, restart my computer twice and then given a link to acquire & reinstall EIS once again.  However, I was unable to "uninstall" after several attempts.  I then called Support.com who tried twice to uninstall it.  They finally stated I needed an "uninstaller" to completely uninstall EIS as I continue to get error messages that some of it is still running somewhere in my computer and consequently will not reinstall. 


After my sessions with Support.com, I remembered that I originally had Emsisoft AntiMalware & Online Armor one week prior to having my subscription changed to Emsisoft Internet Security back in September of 2014. (I found the installers in my download file which I then deleted).    I am not sure that is relevant. 


How do I get an "uninstaller" and if that does not work, what should I do?


Thank you for your time.... c






Download Image

Download Image

Download Image



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please download our cleaning utility from https://dl.emsisoft.com/Emsiclean.zip to your desktop. Then please run the emsiclean.exe.

Now please read and confirm the Disclaimer. Then press only Close Emsisoft Clean. Now on your desktop there is a logfile EmsiClean_Date_Time. Attach this file to the topic please. To get the Add file dialog press the button More Reply Option right below.

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Updated link for Emsiclean. There are now two versions (32-bit and 64-bit) bundled in a ZIP archive. Run EmsiClean64, and if you see an error message then run EmsiClean32.

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