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Online Armor Program Protection does not Seem to Work in Windows 10

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Specs: Latest online armor as of this date: 7.0.something. I'm running Windows 10 x64 on a 512GB MX100 SSD, i5 3770k, p67 mobo, r9 290 gpu and 16GB hyperX 1666mhz ddr3 ram.


Testing the paid edition of online armor. It's my first time running online armor. It doesn't seem to block and ask about running programs correctly. Is it because windows 10 is not supported yet?  


Online Armor installed perfectly, it ran and did it's first time profiling for a couple of minutes. Firewall works perfectly. If I tell it to ask me about everything, it asks me and if I tell it to block stuff, it blocks it.


The Program element of OA does not seem to be fully functional. For the programs that have been flagged as ask before running, OA does not put prompt before running them. If a program is a startup program and has been set to the Ask first flag, OA will not prompt during startup, it will just allow it to run automatically. If I go into the OA gui and flag the startup item for blocking, it will no longer auto-start. On the other hand, in Windows Explorer, if I double click on an item that I've specifically set to be blocked by OA, it will still run. 


Has anyone else observed this in OA with Windows 10 or is it just in my installation? Anyone has any ideas how to fix this?


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