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Online Armor Free and 30 Day trial server not responding

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Hi guys,


I've been using Online Armor free for a while and installed it on numerious PCs with no problems. I installed in on a new PC the other day, but I can't get passed the "Invalid Server response. Please try again in a few minutes or contact support" error.


I've had the error in the past, due to OA disconecting my 3G dongle just when the option to choose appears - then me selecting while there's no connection etc. Either that, or a poor net connection with the 3G. This time though, I just can't get passed this section to install. My connection is fine, I can access google from Firefox etc.


I installed Zone Alarm temporarily, but I'm not keen on it.


Are your servers working still?


Thanks, Jay.



Edit: I'm adding some details to help...


Clean install of Windows 7 with SP1

Windows Security Essentials

MS updates off tempoarily

Core-i7, 16GB RAM etc.

Latest OA


I have installed as I said, Zone Alarm, but have tested also with and without, plus turning it and giving Online Armor open connections.

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Hi Fabian,


Oppologies, beginner mistake. I had set up system with SP1, but I had an error and recovered PC to a different time - Didn't realise that it had also removed SP1. So sorry for wasting your time, I re-installed SP1 and it's running fine now :)

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