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OA free or premium?

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the main differences are the Online Armor Advanced mode and Banking mode in OA Premium. Advanced mode is for more advanced computer users that wish to exercise more control over programs. Switching to Advanced mode opens up new options for the Firewall in the Online Armor Control Panel, and adds additional information to Firewall pop-ups about the addresses, port, protocol, and country of the connection being made. The File and Registry Shields also become available in Advanced Mode. Banking Mode is designed to secure your online banking. When you enable Banking Mode, Online Armor will only allow your computer to connect to Trusted or Protected domains. This ensures that you cannot be tricked into visiting a fraudulent website designed to steal your login information, and that your computer cannot send information to any other sites.

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I can not make a clear suggestion because i do not know your skills using security software like Firewalls and HIPS. You have to test it. You can test the OA full version 30 days for free. ;)


If you are a normal home user maybe the better choice is our Emsisoft Internet Security suite.


Emsisoft Internet Security:

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