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BlitzBlank 1.0 Beta available!

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We are proud to introduce to one of our recent projects: BlitzBlank 1.0 Beta.

BlitzBlank is a utility to remove files, directories and registry entries on reboot that are otherwise not removable. It is based on technology we originally developed for our own cleaning engine and was developed in close dialog with our own malware removal specialists. It will be completely free of charge and won't require any kind of installation to encourage it's usage within the malware removal community.


  • Full support for x86 and x64 architectures.
  • Small, single file download.
  • Ability to move or delete files and directories.
  • Ability to remove registry values or whole registry keys.
  • Ability to disable drivers on reboot to deactivate rootkits.
  • Ability to schedule applications for run on reboot once.
  • Ability to replace all removed or moved files and registry entries with harmless dummy files or data.
  • Support for script based removals and a designer to create or edit those scripts.

Product website:

Thanks for your help and happy testing :).

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Published a new build with additional logging.

I'm not a big fan of exe packers because they generate lots of false positives with several antivirus programs. Especially on very small programs like BlitzBlank (1 MB) the benefit would not be very big.

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This time I used a tool called ntfslocker.I don't know how it works and makes thing like this:

Romoval failed during windows reboot.

log here:

I also give the a none-unicode name.It's was removed successfully.

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Blitzblank crashed and closed while attempting to select a second object, during file selection. Restarted Blitzblank, did not crash.

Gave failure for fileobject operations during reboot, had to restart the system. During restart, Blitzblank gave File/Registry Modification Engine native application message.

Blitzblank log is completely devoid of any actions taken by Blitzblank.

Testing file operations only:

Selected a dummy dll for deletion.

Replace a dummy dll with another copy of the dll stored else where on the drive.

Though Blitzblank gave a failure message at system start, the dummy dll was successfully deleted. However, back up was not created.

It is not clear whether file replacement operations were successfully, as the log is empty; and Blitzblank gave a failure message at system start.

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It asks me It need to reboot to carry on file removal.I click "cancel" however,It still rebooted.

I try to move file to another location but failed.

Log file only show this:


File/Registry Modification Engine native application

Log file should contain these information:

OS version

Date/time On removal

Removal failed or not

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Something I don't understand.

The backup check box is grey that is not usable.

Move target,why I have to give moved target a name.

Repl. dummy,the dummy is moveable that means malware might remove the dummy and crate a new copy.At least the dummy file should be locked.

Is there any script guide/help file for review?

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