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Emsisoft & Windows 8 Metro Apps

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Hi Everyone:


I am currently using Emsisoft's Internet Security (latest version) and have only just started to use and download my Windows 8 Metro Apps. However, when I tried to run them, or update them it would fail even Apps from the Daily Mail, NASA, even native Windows 8 i.e., the News & Weather, People and Maps where also blocked. I was puzzled as I have never experienced such issues; and spent ages trying to fathom it out, then I looked in Emsisoft's settings under 'Application Settings' and all the Apps where set to custom monitoring for the behavior blocker and firewall. Changing the setting(s) to allow all and the Apps ran just fine. Is this normal, as it's my first time using a behavior blocker/Emsisoft Internet Security?


Thanks, Tony.



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Hi Fabian


Many thanks for your reply.


Now you have me confused. I deleted all the rules, then installed Sky News App from the official Microsoft store and the rule was created. I got C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\BritishSkyBroadcasting.SkyNews_2.1.0.1_neutral__0b9xnhb6xcwd0 and I managed to locate the file and it's an .exe file hidden in WindowsApps. In the applications monitor section behavior blocker, firewall in and firewall out are all set at custom, however, I have changed no settings in Emsisoft.



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