Hi :-) What's all this "Safe Pay" Stuff other suites offer

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Hi, although I swore I'd never use on-line banking, my circumstances are forcing me to use it.


A couple of other companies have a "safepay" feature for shopping and banking.


I had used KIS 2015 for a time and that damn safepay "window" would open and never let me see the page I was on and I could not complete a transaction.


But other companies offer this feature.


Does EMIS 9 offer protection for  online banking to make unnesssary any of these "safe-pay" doo dads???

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Thanks Christian for your typical rapid and helpful response :-)


I used to us a suite that had a safe browser for making purchases--damn thing never worked and could neVer make a purchase when it was active.


Just noticed this comment on a forum of another suite that offers a safepay option. Lots of similar comments complaining how this feature "works" in actual use. LOL I actually have a license to this suite :-)


"On my system, all Safepay has ever done is put up a full screen of grey and white shapes. It also turns the mouse pointer into a small blue circle. It will stay that way all day if I let it. CTRL+ALT+DEL and then logging off is one way to get out. I did recently figure out that clicking on alternating mouse buttons does eventually make the white/grey screen go away. Unfortunately, I told my banking site to use it every time (was before I found out Safepay did not work correctly) so I have to fight with Safepay every time I want to bank. I'd love to disable Safepay but from what I've read, you have to open Safepay to get to the settings. Tough to change the settings when all you get is essentially a blank screen."


LOL. Seems these sales gimmick features cause a lot more problems than they are worth, if anything.

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