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First i want to say that I was looking for a new security suite because the previous one, which i had installed on my laptop was too heavy (he was thinking too much when i was opening folder with many files/documents/program's and taking too much RAM and CPU when he was updating and that was confusing me when I was playing MMO games.). I read many articules and watched many youtube review's and I decide to give a chance to EIS. First i was little shocked when I saw that EIS is taking about 300 MB RAM but my OS is starting faster, opening folder's with many files/documents/program's is very fast. Playing MMO games even when EIS is updating it's signatures it's not a problem right now. Now I can work and play on my laptop without stress!


So...I decide to buy a license key. I had 27 days of free trial and i was thinking that entering license key will give me a one year subscription + those days that have left of free trial. Now i have "only 365" days. Of course this is only 27 days that i have lost but if i would know that i would wait with entering my license key to the last day of free trial.


So my proposition is to not take this days from free trial when someone is entering a license key :) it should be something like this: days that have left from free trial + subscription that customer have bought :)




Sorry for my bad english. Still learning ;)

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