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Making Backups Saves So Much Needless Work

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Once upon a time before I made backups I sometimes would spend days reformatting my laptop. Something had gone wrong for one or another reason, and I didn't know how else to get my machine back in shape again. But after I discovered making backups, since then it takes about 25 minutes to have my laptop back exactly the way it was when I made the latest backup.


Even with the excellent anti-malware of Emsisoft, I still make use of backups now and then. Why?


Even after all malware has been removed, there might still be a lot of problems on my laptop. The malware might have made many changes in the system while it was there -even PUPs can do that- and removing the malware does not restore my system to how it was before the malware infected my laptop if there were changes made during the time the malware was there. So then using a backup made before the malware got on my laptop comes in very handy.


Of course removing malware can often solve any problem there was. But not always, as in the cases explained. If removing the malware solved the problem, great. That might be a lot quicker than using a backup to restore one's system. But in cases where the malware has made changes which removing the malware itself do not restore, then a backup is handy. It can save a whole lot of work.


There are other system restore methods, but often they do not bring one's system back in exactly the same state as it was in before. While a backup will.


Sometimes it is necessary to put Online Armor in "Learn" mode when using a backup to recover the system to a prevous state. Otherwise OA might block the backup during restart. I guess its HIPS might do that when it happens.


I hope one can put the firewall in Emsisoft Internet Security in Learn mode also when using backups for restorations. Or that it will always allow them without blocking them.


On Windows 7 there is a build-in backup program. All you need is an external hard drive to save the backups on, beginning with a full system backup, and then adding incremental backups to it now and then. Like after a bunch of updates you don't want to have to download and install again, or after making any changes you want to keep, including after installing new programs, or changing settings you don't want to do all over again.


For Windows xp, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 - 8.1, and 10 there is a very nice free backup program availabe called "Backupper." I've been successfully using it for free for about a year now. One version can be used for Vista as well, the other is for other operating systems only.

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