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MS Sec.Essentials detects \a2temp\Signatures\BD\cevakrnl.rv0.diff

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Looks like Microsoft Security Essentials wants to treat my most recent EmsiSoft update as a Virus.


The below popped up about three minutes after EAM's 'last update' time.




Does this mean that the latest EAM update was not fully implemented into my Signatures?


It's a wonder computers work at all anymore. Can't be too far away...

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as long emsi doesnt prompt that the update just crashed everything shall be fine, it seem that MSE is another AV that flags temp files as malware, you are not alone as eset is doing the same thing with emsi temp files.

I wonder how MSE will detect a FP, generally MSE doesnt give any false positive due to their low detection rate :X 

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