Last update keeps asking me to reboot computer (emalware.204)

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After downloading the (emalware.204) signatures it asks me to reboot the computer, but after rebooting,

it not only starts downloading the same update, but also asks me to reboot the computer again.


It keeps looping like this. Someone posted the exact same problem on the German part of the forums.


What is going on? 

Download Image

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Rebooted about 10 times so fare and still get this annoying message. What do I need to do?


The problem actually was a duplicate entry for the same update file in our database. That led the software to download to download the same file twice which resulted in a lock situation as each download-thread tried to write the same file at the same time. Locked files are typically updated by reboots. We have taken measures to prevent such duplicates in the future. Sorry for all the troubles.


Now it's fixed :)



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Jup, it fixed :)! Should everything be fine or is it recommended to reinstall EAM (don't know if some files are damaged by the update bug)?


EDIT: Can someone from the EAM team answer this question please?

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