EEK Logs for CMD/Kit Scanners

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Hi all, I am looking for the logs of the scans I preformed over the weekend. They were done with the CMD line scanner but I also use the Kit scanner from time to time. 


How do you access the logs and timestamps (if available?) I have opened the .db3 files in sqlite viewer but did not identify tiemstamped info about the occurences


Thanks and have a nice day,


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you will find the EEK scan logs in the EEK program folder EEK\bin\Reports.


For the commandline scans you have to set the path for the log manually.



/l=[path], /log=[path]
Saves a scan log to the specified file. The text-based log is saved in Unicode format.
Example: a2cmd /deep /log="c:\scans\scan.log"


Also please take a look for all CMD scanner options on: http://www.emsisoft.com/en/software/cmd/

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